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World's Top 50 Event Company 

No.1 Independent Event Agency in HK
Best Corporate Event World Champion
Guinness World Record Holder

HK Top Service Brand

Founded in 1988, On Stage is a multi-award winner and one of the longest established event management companies based in Hong Kong that provides services to organizations in HK and around the world. Dr. Billy Chu, founder and CEO of On Stage, always had strong passion for and talent in stage performing arts. Back then, the performing entertainment business in Hong Kong was rapidly thriving, with concerts and media events matching high international standards. On the contrary, corporate events were just at their infancy. The quality of corporate productions often lagged behind the standards of the U.S., Australia and other western countries. Capturing on this opportunity, On Stage blended east and west creative concepts with years of accumulated stage experience to become one of the first companies to introduce international-quality corporate event productions in Hong Kong.

With over 30 years of dedication and hard work, On Stage's dream for quality productions not only became a reality but a real standard for the industry to match. Every year, On Stage produces over 150 events ranging from meetings, conventions, annual dinners, weddings, award presentations to special ceremonies. In terms of client base, over 90% are loyal customers, represented by leading local and international corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Clients return year after year because they believe that only On Stage can turn their dreams into reality. On Stage is currently a member of the International Live Events Association in the US.

In 2011, On Stage fended off stiff competition from other countries across the world to win the global ESPRIT AWARDS® for “Best Corporate Event” in Chicago. In 2012, the company won the Event Agency of the Year award in HK, and other top honours at the Asia Marketing Events Awards in Singapore. In 2015, On Stage won the SCMP HK Business Award and crowned HK Top Service Brand Award in 2017. In 2019, On Stage has been recognized as one of the World's Top 50 Event Companies by Special Events Magazine in US. Winning these awards re-affirms On Stage’s commitment to excellence in creating quality events and productions for all its clients. As a leading events provider, the company aims to grow and transform with its clients in the ever-changing society, and strives to continue to be the best in the corporate event industry.




To be the clients’ first choice, when it comes to top quality event and outstanding service.



To exceed clients’ expectation with innovative event design and professional execution.



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I ntegrity

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