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你也可以擁有歐洲訂製的時尚口罩|On Stage 大舞臺

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

歐洲製造的OnStage大舞臺口罩正式接受訂製, 口罩合乎國際衛生標準, 可印上你的機構或團體名稱, 分為意大利及西班牙製造兩個原產地可供選擇, 除相片展示的口罩之外尚有多種款式, 如果你都想訂製屬於自己公司或團體的歐洲設計師口罩歡迎聯絡我們#OnStage大舞臺


Contact #OnStage大舞臺 if you want to place an order for your custom-made designer face masks, made in Italy


On Stage Mask:

- Mask fabric: water-repellent & antibacterial

- Mask internal: 90% cotton 10% elastan; external: 80% polyester, 20% elastan

- Mask washable for 25 times (without bleach) without losing properties

- Mask made in Italy

- Filter: Polypropylene TNT; EN14683:2019 certified (Type IIR); BFE > 95%; without filter (mask itself) BFE 85%



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